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JM Orchid Resale Price, Sector 76

PricePrice /sq.ft.Increase
Resale price of JM Orchid , Sector 76 (Aug-2014) Rs. 5300 - 5500 (BSP)arrow up17% (in 12 months)
Resale price of JM Orchid , Sector 76 (Aug-2013) Rs. 4500 - 4700 (BSP)arrow up9% (in 6 months)
Resale price of JM Orchid , Sector 76 (Feb-2013) Rs. 4100 - 4300 (BSP)arrow up2% (in 6 months)
Resale price of JM Orchid , Sector 76 (Aug-2012) Rs. 4000 - 4200 (BSP)arrow up--% (in -- months)

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Buy flat in JM Orchid, Sector 76 in resale, 41 available for sale

IdTitleAreaTotal PricePrice/sq.ft
18487JM Orchid, Sector 761147sq.ft 62 Lacs5667 /sq.ft.Sandeep
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17853JM Orchid, Sector 761472sq.ft 72 Lacs5095 /sq.ft.Rakesh Kumar
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17552JM Orchid, Sector 761472sq.ft 73 Lacs5200 /sq.ft.Rakesh Kumar
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170922 BHK Flat for Sale in JM Orchid, Sector-76 Noida995sq.ft 57 Lacs5930 /sq.ft.Vikas
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166122 BHK flat for sale in JM Orchid, Sector-76 Noida1147sq.ft 61 Lacs5580 /sq.ft.vishal
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165482 BHK flat for sale in JM Orchid, Sector-76 Noida995sq.ft 53 Lacs5528 /sq.ft.Nisha Khanna
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165442 BHK flat for sale in JM Orchid, Sector-76 Noida1147sq.ft 61 Lacs5580 /sq.ft.shobhit
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15814JM Orchid, Sector 761147sq.ft 62 Lacs5602 /sq.ft.niraj kumar
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156763 BHK flat for Rent in JM Orchid, Sector-76 Noida1472sq.ft 1 Lacs14 /sq.ft.Rakesh Kumar
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153262 BHK Flat for Rent in JM Orchid1147sq.ft 1 Lacs14 /sq.ft.Naveen
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152122 BHK flat for sale in JM Orchid995sq.ft 45 Lacs4674 /sq.ft.Dharmender
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149093 BHK Flat for sale in JM Orchid1472sq.ft 78 Lacs5571 /sq.ft.vaibhav
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148453 BHK Flat for sale in JM Orchid1762sq.ft 94 Lacs5562 /sq.ft.Sukhmeet
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147802 BHK Flat for sale in JM Orchid1147sq.ft 59 Lacs5351 /sq.ft.Sukhmeet
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143862 BHK Flat for sale in JM Orchid1147sq.ft 62 Lacs5600 /sq.ft.Gaurav Sapra
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 Resale Price of JM Orchid, Sector 76 (in Lacs)

Resale price of 2/3 BHK (995 sq ft) flat in JM Orchid, Sector 76        Rs. 55 - 57 Lacs        


 Circle Rate and Registration Cost in JM Orchid, Sector 76

Circle rate of JM Orchid, Sector 76
(including 25% extra for club, swimming pool, society)
 Rs. 4645/sq ft
Minimum registration value for 995 sq ft in JM Orchid
(with 20% discount for flat above 6th floor)
Rs. 36.9 Lacs

Registration charges for 995 sq ft flat in JM Orchid, Sector 76

Rs. 1.8 Lacs (@5% for registration cost)

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Images of JM Orchid


Noida 7X -- Review


This article discusses all major projects and sectors of Noida 7X area. This article has information about price, construction status, positives and negatives of various project in Noida 7X. This is must read for all investors and end users who plan to invest in Noida 7X. 

Discussions related to JM Orchid, Sector 76

पांच साल बाद भी फ्लैट नहीं दे सका अंसल, आवंटी नाराज लखनऊ।। 2008 में आशियाने मिलने का वादा था, पांच साल और बीत गए लेकिन अंसल हाउसिंग एंड कंस्ट्रक्शन लिमिटेड की ओर से लोगों को मिला सिर्फ आश्वासन। अब आलम ये है कि प्रोजेक्ट से जुड़े अधिकारी आवंटियों के सवालों का जवाब देने तक को तैयार नहीं हैं। इसी वादाखिलाफी से नाराज आवंटियों ने निर्माणाधीन अपार्टमेंट के बाहर सभा कर अपना विरोध जताया। विरोध करने वालों में शामिल आरबी पोरवाल ने बताया कि अंसल ने 2005 में ऑर्किड ग्रीन अपार्टमेंट का विज्ञापन दिया। ...
JM Orchid: Latest Updates
(General Discussion)
Work in progress without delay! At present, construction work is going on at good speed in comparison to other projects in the area. Since the builder is new, they want to deliver the project in time to gain people’s faith. In some towers, plaster work on outer walls is complete including bathroom fixtures, windows and grill fittings. The kitchen slab work and paintwork in rooms is also complete in most of the towers.
Gurgaon: Flat owners of Orchid Petals, the biggest condominium in Gurgaon, in Sector 49 on Sohna Road, will hold a protest outside the builder's office on Saturday against the maintenance charges. In 25 towers, there are 1,383 flats in the township and the residents claimed on an average Rs 5,000 are paid by each flat owner. "The annual collection of maintenance charges is about Rs 7 crore from all over the township. Now, the builder never discloses anything to residents or the RWA and ...
Noida Sector 7X Review
(Reviews/Noida 70-79)
... Maxblis White House, Aims Golf Avenue, JM Solitaire, Solaris Apartments, Gardenia Golf City are some of the projects in this sector.   This sector is just opposite to posh area of Noida Sector 50, which has many luxury/semi-luxury Ready-to-move (RTM) and under-construction projects, such as Omax Twin Tower, Mahagun Maple, TGB Meghdutam, Amrapali Edan Park, and few more.   Noida Authority's sewage treatment plant is just across the road, so one may feel some smell in the environment ...

Latest Images of JM Orchid and Sector 76

.JM orchid sector76.JPGJM orchid sector76 15floor high.JPGJM orchid sector76 construction.JPGJM orchid side view sector76.JPGAditya celebrity homes plaster work started sector76.JPGAditya celebrity homes sample house2 sector76.JPGAditya celebrity homes sample house sector76.JPGAditya celebrity homes sample sales office sector76.JPGAditya celebrity homes sector76.JPGAmrapali princely estate sector76.JPGAmrapali princely estate sector76 facing sector78 side.JPGAmrapali princely sector76 brickwork done.JPGAmrapali princely sector76 elevation.JPGAmrapali princely sector76 facing sector78 side.JPG

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JM Orchid Flat for Rent

JM Orchid Floorplan

JM Orchid Review

Floorplans of JM Orchid.

2BHK for sale JM Orchid 950sqft2BHK for sale JM Orchid 1125sqft3BHK for sale JM Orchid 1440sqft
3BHK+Study for sale JM Orchid 1735sqft

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