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Posted on:30 Sep 2017 04:00 am

Mascot Review


Mascot is located 7 kilometres south of the Sydney central business district and is one of the administrative centers of the Bayside Council. Mascot is a good friendly suburb that has close access to the beaches. It has all the amenities and is also the base for Sydney airport. Wait! Before you think, that’s a downside, it’s important to note that the sound of the aircraft is not deafening here, and neither does it shake the houses. In fact, it is a visual delight for children.

This suburb is a melting pot that consists of people from different cultures and backgrounds. It boasts of its very own, comprehensive shopping strip. This is dotted with many shopping and dining options.

Mascot is also just ten minutes away from other shopping & restaurant destinations like Newtown, Alexandria, Marrickville, Surry Hills, Kingsford and Eastgardens.

It has close proximity to the beaches in the eastern suburb. That’s a big plus. The council here maintains the parks, the open landscape very well and the house owners are very proud of their beautiful neighborhood. Eastlakes shopping center, here, is undergoing renovation and redevelopment. This will hugely benefit the residents of Mascot and other surrounding areas.

Mascot has city center, airport and beaches in close vicinity. It has all the amenities like shopping centers, medical clinics, schools and day care centers. It is a friendly, well maintained suburb.


Mascot has many benefits. It has a friendly community with plenty of shopping and dining options. It is close to Alexandria and Moore Park Homemaker Centers. Mascot is well connected to the city center by roads, by bus and by train. The train fare to the city is very reasonable. If you are a frequent flyer, Mascot is a great suburb for you, as this is the base for Sydney airport. Mascot is just seven kilometers south of CBD. Best part about Mascot is that it lies in the eastern suburb, has all these features, and property is comparatively cheap.

-- Close to City

--Friendly community.

--Variety of shops and restaurants.

--Close to Alexandria & Moore Park Homemaker Centers.

--Beach is close by.

--Well connected to the city center by train, bus and roads.

--Train fare to the city is cheap.

--It is very close to airport.


Mascot is base for the Sydney airport. There is some aircraft noise, however, it is not deafening and neither does it lead to shaking of houses. It is not as bad as Marrickville or other suburbs in the inner west which have large international jets shaking the buildings. In fact, the frequency of flights here are not too high. Depending on the weather, there may be no aircraft activity for days.


Mascot is a suburb that lies in the south east of Sydney. It is seven kilometers down south of the CBD. Mascot is one of the administrative centers of the Bayside Council. Located on the north western side of Botany Bay, Mascot is the base for Sydney Airport.


Mascot is well connected by a number of buses, operated by Sydney Buses. M 20, 301, 303, 309, 310, 400 and 410 routes cross Botany Road. 343 and 418 route numbers travel down to the Garderners road and there is a bus departing from the Qantas Center too. The suburb is connected by three railway stations on the Airport line. Mascot railway station is right in the center of the residential and business area of Mascot. Metropolitan goods railway line also passes through the suburb and includes a yard here too.

Recently a bicycle path has been created between Mascot and the M5 East Freeway . Other bike paths pass through Mascot connecting the Botany Bay, the University of New South Wales and the CBD.

Shopping destinations

Mascot’s main shopping centre is located on the Botany Road. The area around Mascot railway station is being renovated and redeveloped to house high-density commercial and residential complexes.

Mascot is just ten minutes away from other shopping & restaurant hubs like Newtown, Alexandria, Marrickville, Surry Hills, Kingsford and Eastgardens.

Schools & Daycares

Mascot has many schools. Mascot Public School, J J Cahill Memorial High School, St Therese School and Gardeners Road Public School are some of the schools here. It also has good day care options like Mascot Child Care Centre, Botany Family Day Care, Aero Kids Early Learning Centre and Active Kids

Crime & safety

Mascot is mostly considered a safe suburb. The crime rate here is average. Crime rate is 526 per 100,000 population compared to crime rate of 419.4 per 100,000 population in NSW.

The crime rate per 100,000 population is 526. NSW rate per 100,000 population: 419.4

Internet Connectivity

Mascot is very well connected with the NBN fiber and has super fast internet connection.

Eating joints in that location

Mascot offers great variety of dining options. You can choose from a variety of Italian and Asian joints. It also has pubs and bars for you to sit and enjoy a chilled beer. It will give you options to get food delivered or pack a snack when on the go!


Mascot is a well connected suburb that has proximity to the airport, city center, and beaches and has good shopping and eating joints. It is only a five minutes drive away from Sydney airport and a twenty minutes drive to the city. It has hubs like Newtown, Alexandria, Marrickville, Surry Hills, Kingsford and Eastgardens in close vicinity. Mascot boasts of a friendly neighborhood and well maintained parks and landscaped open areas. It is a relatively safe area to live in with many options of schools and day cares. It has good internet connection. Added advantage of Mascot is that the property prices here are reasonable, considering its location and the variety of facilities it offers its residents.

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